Wedding Dress: To Sell or Not to Sell?

As many of you know, I was recently married on a rainy weekend in November of 2013.

I loved my wedding day, and I loved my wedding dress! To me, it had all the elements of a perfect dress: a long train, elegant, sparkles and beading, ruching, lace, and “poofiness.”

wedding dress

Another great feature was that I was able to find a modest jacket that matched perfectly!

DSC_0155 sd

I loved the lace “peek-a-boo” hem!

wedding dress

And I loved the detail on the bodice!

However, now that the wedding is over, there’s the big question: What do I do with the dress?

In my mind, selling it seems like the best option for several reasons:

1. Money

If I sell the dress, I’ll hopefully make a few hundred dollars. And as we all know, extra money is always nice to have around. :) Plus, if I don’t sell it, it really should be cleaned and preserved in one of those fancy boxes, which will cost even more money.

2. No Purpose

Really, besides your wedding day, what will I ever wear this dress to again?

I’ve heard the argument that it’s nice for your daughters to use for playing dress up. However, letting my daughters play dress up in a wedding dress that I could sell for a few hundred dollars seems a little crazy. I’m all for kids playing dress up, but I could get them much cheaper dress up clothes at a yard sale!

3. Storage

Being such a poofy dress and having such a long train was great for the wedding day, but it makes storage rather difficult. Do I really want this to take up space in my closet for years? Also, chances are my husband I will move a few times throughout our lives. Carting my wedding dress from house to house, and across multiple states seems very impractical.

4. Sentimental Reasons

This is actually the biggest reason for potentially keeping my dress. It just seems so sentimental! However, if I preserve my wedding dress in one of those fancy air-tight boxes, I’ll probably never want to open it up. (And I know I could never get it to fit back in the box again!). I have lots of pictures of my wedding dress, and those are much easier to look at when I feel the need to reminisce about my dress. Also, since I had silk flowers at my wedding, I still have my wedding bouquet, and many other sentimental decorations that seem a lot more practical to keep than the actual dress.

5. But what if your daughter wants to wear it?!

This is a common exclamation when I mention I’m considering selling my dress. However, my dress isn’t a “classic” looking dress, and I know it won’t be in-style in a few decades. And, I may never even have  a daughter! And if I do have a daughter, she may not be the same size. And if she is the same size, there’s a good chance she won’t like my dress. So really, it’s quite a long shot my daughter will ever wear my wedding dress.

So all in all, I’m seriously considering selling my dress. What are your thoughts? Did you sell or keep your dress? Have you regretted your decision?


  1. Anna Townsend says

    I have had the same thoughts for a long time. I know I’m not yet married, but I have thought about the dress an awlful lot! I am much larger than my mom and there is no way that I will ever fit into her gown. Also I don’t really care for her gown, but I have had lots of ideas of how I would like to use parts of it to add to whichever dress I am able to find. But on the other hand a few hundred dollars is very attractive!

  2. says

    I kept my dress, I bought it at an antique shop for $100. Spent quite a bit on alterations and cleaning but it is a very classic style which prompted me to keep it. I have my grandmothers dress (that my mother wore) as well so we’ll see if either of my girls chooses to wear one of the family dresses.

  3. Amanda Powell says

    I’m hoping to save my dress and incorporate bits and pieces of the dress and veil for my daughter’s dress. I’m not planning on her having my style. I know I wan’t attracted to my mom’s dress. I would have loved to use bits and pieces of her dress for the veil or for my bouquet, but she didn’t want to cut it up. So I’ve decided that I would like to do that for my children. Even if I don’t have daughters I can still offer to my son(s) and future daughter-in-law(s). If all else fails I can make it into a grand-baby blanket. :)

  4. Amy says

    I have been thinking the same things…to sell or not too sell. I have NO use for it, and I paid a pretty penny for mine. I’d love to get some of that back!

  5. says

    I think selling your dress gives someone the joy of having a beautiful dress without shelling out a ton of money. There is a chance that you won’t have daughters, and a chance that if you do they might not be sentimental or might not get married, so the possibility of saving the dress for no reason does exist. I think it comes down to you should do what you want with your dress.

  6. Ashley Manning says

    I originally kept my wedding dress and even paid the $100 to preserve it in a fancy box. After living in apartments and carting it around during 3 moves, I finally decided after 6 years of marriage that I wanted to sell it . I posted it on Craigslist and a body builder who had struggled to find a dress that would fit broad shoulders and a small waist ended up buying it after it fit her perfectly! Not only did she buy my 6 year old dress but I actually sold it for the exact amount I had paid for it including the $100 preserve fee! So score for me and for her! Never regretted my decision especially after how excited she was !

  7. Janelle Hamel says

    I am still trying to figure out what to do with mine. I would love to keep it, but it seems kind of impractical. I like some of the ideas mentioned above!

  8. says

    I thought for about 2 seconds about selling my dress, but then decided that I just can’t. Right now it’s at my parent’s house as I don’t have room or money to ship it across the ocean, but I just can’t even consider selling it. It was a gift from my mom and has memories of not only the wedding day but the days leading up to it- dress shopping with my mom and sisters and the random alterations parties with the same ladies. I’ll figure something to do with it someday- and possibly give it to someone I’m attached to in the future, even if it’s not a daughter. But I can’t fathom a total stranger getting it who doesn’t understand how special it is!

  9. says

    As I prepare for my wedding in August, I look forward to wearing my mom’s wedding dress, now mine. It does fit me differently, so my future mother-in-law helped me created a hoop petticoat and we added fabric to the bodice. We even gave it a bath to wash it and the yellowed organgey-aged looking fabric and netting turned a lovely ivory. I’m so thankful that I can use something that is in our family. I don’t think anybody else loved it like I do, but I’m thankful my mom kept it.

    I know some people who have donated their wedding dresses to charities, or missions for overseas needs. Sometimes just keeping it and making it avaiable for loan is also very rewarding. My mom wore her dress, then her sister-in-law wore it, then another lady, and soon me. So it has already had a lot of wear.

    My sister borrowed her dream dress from a friend, and that’s special in the dress was used again, so it wasn’t a one time use. And my sister doesn’t have to worry about moving or archiving the dress. Somehow we didn’t plan it this way, but our dresses are multi-wear ones.

    My fiance and I have been living in Australia, and we are getting married in the states, but returning to Australia a few weeks after the wedding. We plan to take my dress back with us, and I plan to wear it again at an Australian celebration reception in September, so I’m already planning on wearing it twice. :)

  10. Gina says

    I like seeing my mom’s dress, the cut, the color, the texture, the size! It’s a tangible way to feel a part of my family history. It wasn’t stored in anything more than a box. Preservation wasn’t the goal as much as “touching” memories. If you decide to let go of your dress, you will have no doubt when the time is right. Until then, just enjoy knowing you can look at it any time you get a whim.

  11. Rebekah Gaspar says

    I don’t think I’ll ever sell my dress… too much sentimental value for me. :) Plus, I want to try it on every so often to see if I still fit haha 😉

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