Reasons I Don’t Exercise

All my friends these days are posting pictures of their 5k runs. The Color Run. The Electric Run. The Spartan Run. The Neon Dash. The Tough Mudder. Running seems like so much fun from looking at their pictures. But when I go running, it’s just not fun.

Believe me, I’ve tried running. I just don’t like it. Am I the only one that feels this way?

I’m going to be really honest here, because it gets worse. I really don’t like exercising in general. A year or so ago, I bought some workout clothes, hoping that it would inspire me to exercise. It helped a little, but not much.


I do like going for walks with my husband, and we do that fairly frequently when the weather’s nice. Walking is definitely good exercise, but I don’t go on enough walks with my husband to constitute a thorough work out. And for a large portion of the year, the weather is too hot or cold.

Here are some of my top excuses for not exercising:

– I hate running. And it’s bad for your knees, too!

– It’s too hot (or cold) outside.

– I’m already waking up super early to substitute teach; I can’t handle waking up any earlier or I’ll be a grump all day.

– If I exercise later in the day, I’ll have to take a second shower.

– I’m too tired.

– I don’t like to sweat.

– I don’t have enough time.

– The treadmill downstairs in the apartment fitness center is boring.

– A gym membership is too expensive.

– My apartment is so small there’s not really enough room to do an exercise video.

Yes, I know. These excuses are completely lame. The bottom line is I’m just lazy when it comes to exercising. I know  I should be exercising more. When I do exercise (which is maybe once or twice a week), I feel more energized, I sleep better, and I just feel healthier in general. However, I am so  inconsistent.

In the past when I would mention to someone I needed to exercise, they’d say “Oh, you’re so skinny! You don’t need to exercise!” What kind of advice is that? Even people in a normal weight range still need to exercise!

I’d like to hear your suggestions and tips for how to exercise more. I’m not looking for a fancy 2 hour regimen at the gym. I’m just looking for a way to practically  incorporate a little more physical activity into my day. Please send your ideas and suggestions to, use this contact form,  or comment below, and I’ll write a follow-up blog post with some of the best suggestions!



  1. Liz says

    Buy a small exercise mat (which will keep you in one spot and help to cushion when you exercise), try jumping jacks, and running in place for cardio exercise (very important). Buy two small weights and look up exercise videos online. Not much room needed :)

  2. Inconsistent as well, but... says

    So, just like we need to be in God’s Word to be healthy spiritually, we need to be doing something as well to stay healthy physically. Bodily exercise does profit little in comparison to spiritual well-being, but our bodies are still the temple of the Holy Spirit & we need to take care of them as well – good stewardship of what God has given us. So, continue to go on walks as often as you can, take the time to pray if you are alone & not walking with your husband. You are still so young & starting or continuing now just sets the stage for getting older. Someday should the Lord bless you with children, you want to keep up with them with good energy. You do have the blessing of being skinny now, but never take that for granted. Keep your muscles healthy & strong & your heart rate going. Skype your sister & do arm curls while you are talking; maybe she will do them at the same time with you :-) if you don’t have little weights, find the heaviest canned item to use. The apt is small, but not so small you cannot exercise; choose to exercise. Go to a park & swing on the swings – good for the heart & arms. Have fun whatever you find to do.

  3. Jen says

    I love exercise dvds! Many of them are designed to be 30 minutes long, so they’re not a huge time commitment. The workouts have been designed by people who know what they’re doing which means that I am not missing toning certain areas of my body. The dvds are cheap and usually only require a yoga mat and free weights/an exercise band, so they’re also not a huge financial commitment. I can wear anything I want and look totally sweaty and gross while I work out, and no one knows. :) I also like that I don’t have to travel anywhere or wait in line to use equipment, so the dvds save a lot of time. The only downside is it’s totally up to me to be disciplined enough to work out faithfully.

  4. Claire says

    Okay, so this comment is late–but better late than never! As I said, I could have written this post myself, almost word for word. I totally get where you’re coming from. :)

    The two main ways I have been motivated to exercise more:

    1. My fiance bought me this small elliptical machine as a Christmas gift (actually fits in in my small apartment!): Now I don’t have to go anywhere to exercise, and I can exercise anytime that works for me, even late at night. :)

    2. I distract myself as I’m exercise. When I was taking an online nutrition course (, I positioned the elliptical in front of my kitchen table, put my laptop on the table, and watched several sessions as I exercised. The professor was engaging enough that it really did distract me. Other times, I have watched free documentaries from or a fun movie from the library. Something that I would want to watch anyway, and I saved time by doing two things at once!


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