Husband: Best Friend


As you know, this series has been primarily about developing relationships with girlfriends. Girlfriends are important and necessary, but if you're married, your best friend should be your husband. So, I just wanted to share a few articles that I felt had some great inspiration and helpful ideas for making your husband your best friend. 1. Free (or almost free) Date Ideas Here's a few ideas for having some great quality time with your husband that won't cost you a lot of money! 2. Date Ideas With a Baby My friend, Rebekah, who blogs a Tex Mex Mom, wrote this great article about ... [ Read More ]

A Smile for Your Saturday #4


Just a few quick laughs for your Saturday. Which one is your favorite? :) Follow me on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss any posts in the 31 day friendship series! Click here to see all the posts in the series! ... [ Read More ]

Friday Favorites: Friends

So I had the post for today all ready to go, and somehow my computer ate it. My internet has been having all sorts of issues, so apparently it didn't get saved properly. :( Which means that there may be less Friday Faves today, because my 28 week pregnant self doesn't feel like spending the time to re-look up all the links. Thanks for understanding. :) 1. Finding Friendship in Unlikely Places Some good encouragement to branch out and find new friends in places you may not have looked before! 2. Friendship in Different Seasons I just wrote a similar article about the benefits of making ... [ Read More ]

Friends in Different Phases

A lot of my close friends from college got married before I did. And, a lot of my friends also had babies before did! I'm so thankful that they continued to be friends with me even though I was still single and in a totally different phase!   Don't give up on a friendship because someone is in a different phase of life from you!    Now I'm married and expecting, but I still have single friends, friends with no kids, and friends with older kids. All my friends give me a different perspective and I love hanging out with ALL of them!   Don't assume that just because you ... [ Read More ]

Handling Problems

I'm sure we've all been there. Something happened and our friendship isn't the same. Maybe it's something you did. Or maybe it's something she did. But either way, things aren't right. Now what?   1. Pray Pray for the right heart attitude, and that the situation would be quickly and easily resolved.   2. Don't ignore If you know something isn't right, don't pretend that it is. Talking about the issue early is much better than waiting 2 years! (And, ahem, if it's already been 2 years it's still better to address it now than to keep waiting!)   3. Go in the right ... [ Read More ]

Couple Friends

So if finding girl friends is hard, it seems to me that finding "couple friends" is even harder! Do any of you feel that way?   You meet an awesome girl friend, and you invite her and her husband over for dinner. But . . . your husband and her husband are total opposites.   Your husband meets a great guy, but his wife doesn't talk to you.   Has anyone else been in this situation?   When you do find couple friends, it's an awesome experience, but it doesn't happen easily!   One tip I've found is to invite two couples over together when you're trying ... [ Read More ]