Mexican Stuffed Peppers


This easy recipe is great because it makes a lot!  Usually I use half the filling and then freeze the rest for another quick meal in the future. In most stuffed pepper recipes you remove the core and seeds from the top and stuff them that way, but I have made it much easier by just chopping them in half.  A little tip for when you're at the store, buy peppers with four bumps/knobs on the bottom instead of three.  They are much more even and stable that way when stuffed.  If you are doing this for a dinner party and want appetizers instead, buy a bag of the mini sweet peppers, and stuff them ... [ Read More ]

To the Non-Dramatic Moms, Thank You

My cousin Julie and her four kids. An excellent example of a mom who makes mothering look easy!

I am not a mom yet, but I hope that I will be at some point, if the Lord allows. Many of my Facebook friends are having babies, and my news feed is full of adorable babies and baby-related content. I love seeing all the cute little babies! However, I've noticed many moms posting gloom and doom statuses about how hard motherhood really is. When they talk to me in person,  they always make sure to fill me in on how hard it will be once I decide to have a baby. "These years are SO TOUGH." "Up with the baby All. Night Long. #nevergetsleepanymore" "Labor was the worst and hardest ... [ Read More ]

Walmart’s Savings Catcher

savings catcher

A few months ago, I wrote about how I love Walmart price matching.  It's a great way to save money, and I frequently ad match items! However, I will admit I've often encountered frustration while ad matching, mainly because the cashiers are not aware of the policies, and have to call a manager over. It can often be time consuming, and I feel bad for holding up the line while the cashier tries to figure it out! If you've experienced similar frustrations and have given up on ad matching, I have some good news! Walmart just released the Savings Catcher that will do all the tedious work for ... [ Read More ]

Reasons to Consider Substitute Teaching

substitute teaching

I want to share with you some of the reasons I love substitute teaching. Being a substitute teacher often has some negative associations. The kids take advantage of you. You don't have your "own" students. It's unpredictable. While those negatives can be true, I want to share some positives that I feel make subbing worth it! 1) Flexibility Now that I'm married, I want a job where I can make some extra money, but where I don't have to be quite as committed. Subbing is perfect! I can choose which days I want to work each week. I usually substitute teach 2 or 3 days each week, which is the ... [ Read More ] – Better than Yard Sales!


I love getting good deals. I get so excited when I find something great on a clearance rack. Recently, however, I started using the site to get stuff, yep . . . FREE! Using this site takes a bit of persistence as some people post ads for junk, like their broken blender or 50-year old rusty patio furniture. And sometimes, you find a great treasure but aren't the first person to claim it. With time, however, you can come across some pretty great treasures! Currently, living in our 400 square foot apartment, we have to pass up many of the great deals because we don't have room ... [ Read More ]

Breakfast for a Week!


If you're like me and work early in the morning, breakfast can be a hassle.  I need to have protein in the morning to keep me full and energized to keep up with a toddler and a newborn. Recently I have been so busy, and this simple breakfast of yogurt, granola and fruit has kept me going.  It take about 5 minutes to put together and then you're all set for the whole week. I start by gathering my 5 small containers with lids and get the granola, dried fruit, and measuring cups out.  I have been using plain Greek yogurt, but feel free to use regular or flavored if you don't care for the tang. ... [ Read More ]