Gender Reveal! It’s a . . .


On Tuesday, we had our fetal anatomy ultrasound! It was a great experience, and we're so thankful that from what they could tell, it looks like a healthy baby. :) We came down to my parents' farm for Memorial Day Weekend, and decided this would be the perfect time to tell the gender to the family. My grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousin's family were also all here. As you can tell, we're enjoying our time on the farm, and Jacob had fun mowing. :) We didn't do an all out Pinterest worthy gender reveal party, but I did splurge on these plates and napkins at Walmart (for a total of ... [ Read More ]

We Bought a House!

House 1

So we've been holding out on everyone. :) Back in March, we signed papers to buy a house! :) :) :) We're so thankful for God's provision, and we're excited about having a place of our own here in Maryland. While it's not our favorite state in the country, we do appreciate the good aspects of Maryland. Jacob loves his job, which is a huge perk! While we don't live near any family, Maryland is a great state because it's driving distance from both our parents. And we're glad that we've found a good church to get involved in. My smart CPA husband did all the calculations, and the house seems ... [ Read More ]

Reasons I Like Maryland


Last week, I wrote about some of the many reasons I love Arizona. I currently live in the Socialist State of Maryland, and while I definitely like Arizona better, Maryland does have some great aspects. Honestly, if Maryland's laws could be more like the state of Texas, I think I could handle things like the cold winter, and pot-holey roads. No matter how nice the history, trees, and scenic views are, it's not worth it to me if I have to give up my constitutional rights to carry a gun and home educate without surveillance. But that little disclaimer being said, let me share some of the truly ... [ Read More ]

Friday Favorites – 5.8.15

Friday Favorites

1. Show Them Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids [Book Review] In case you missed my book review from earlier in the week, be sure to check it out. If you have kids or teach kids, I highly recommend reading it! 2. Christians and Clothing: Why God Cares About What You Wear I appreciated this article from Rooted Thinking. "The bottom line is this: the greatest consideration when selecting our clothes should not be our particular fashion taste, but the God who redeemed our bodies with the ransom price of Jesus’s blood. He now gets to say what we communicate with our clothes." 3. Stupid ... [ Read More ]

Show Them Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids [Book Review]

Show Them Jesus

I love teaching children, and I recently finished Show Them Jesus: Teaching the Gospel to Kids by Jack Klumpehnhower. Section one of the book discusses the question Why  Teach the Good News? The author clearly states his purpose in the introduction This book's main point is that we are called to teach the good news--all Jesus is and all he's done by his life, death, and resurrection to save those who're joined to him--and to treasure it as we work with kids. Since most prepackaged lessons and family devotionals don't do this, you'll need to make a deliberate effort. However, your ... [ Read More ]

Reasons I Love Arizona


I spent 25 wonderful years as an Arizona resident. I want to share some reasons I love the state (although I'm sure there's many more!). 1. Home Education Laws As you know, I love home education. Arizona simply requires you to fill out a one-time affidavit of intent to home school. No yearly curriculum reviews. No state testing. Nothing. I love that, because it is not the government's job to regulate home education! (Ask me how I really feel! :) ) 2. Gun Laws In Arizona, you can conceal carry with out a permit. You can also open carry. I'm so naive, I seriously used to you think could open ... [ Read More ]